by Jet Noir

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We Live in Sorrow, We Live in Sin
These Games We Never Win
Sweet Communion, Skin to Skin
But Nothing Calms the Storm Within
We Built Our' Love on Broken Dreams
A Wilderness Sets the Scene
And as Our' Whispers Turn to Screams
We Grieve for All That Might Have Been.
I Gaze into Your' Eyes and Darkness Appears
The Heavens Divide Whenever You are Here
That Look on Your' Face Feeds My Fears
Worlds Collide When You and I are Near
I Feel Your' Venom Running Through My Veins
As We Twist and Turn Under Acid Rain
In Purgatory,All Prayers are Lost in Vain
There are No Angels Here in This Domain
Faithless Hearts, Here Bound by Treachery
Hidden Depths The Eyes Cannot Unsee
Murmured Words, Near Silent Poetry
As You Meet My Lips with Added Intensity
Loves Fools, Locked Together by Lust
As the World Around Us Turns to Rust
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
If God Wont Have Us, Then the Devil Must,
We Live in Sorrow, We Live in Sin
These Games We Never Win


released February 29, 2016



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Jet Noir London, UK

Jet Noir - High Priestess of Progressive Goth.
Come and Be Converted.

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